Monday, July 12, 2010

Forex Swing Trader Position Trading

Swing trades usually last anywhere from one day up until several days or even a couple of weeks. Swing traders typically are trying to catch trend reversals or price retraces. Swing traders tend to use recent swing highs and lows as points of reference to set entries and exits off of.

The pros of swing trading include it tends to be easier to manage trades than day trading as well as more traders are profitable as swing traders. The spread has less of an impact than it does on intraday trading therefore traders do not waste money on broker commissions.

Among the few disadvantages of the swing time frame is that traders often enough become emotional tied to their position which causes them to hold onto losing positions longer than you should.

Position trading often known as trend trading is also known as the buy and hold method where positions can be opened anywhere from a day until several months or longer. Traders open a position on what looks to be the start of a new trend and actually add to that position as the trend develops, taking profits along the way and adding even more size on pullbacks as they resume back toward the trend.

Some traders tell of the position trading style to be the easiest and most profitable. Fitting into any active lifestyles as often traded on the daily time frame it is also the most desirable! One signal period a day makes it very easy to manage and adjust new and open trade orders.